Lake Hylia Howling Stone Location & Song Combination

The Lake Hylia Howling Stone can be obtained after you refill the lake about midway through the game. I don't think it's obtainable the first time you come through this area as a wolf, you'll need to wait until you've obtained the Shadow Crystal which lets your transform to and from a wolf.


Lake Hylia Howling Stone

This Howling Stone is found just south of the place we port in at for Lake Hylia. Port here and face south, you'll see a wooden bridge that you can run across as well as a ladder that you need to climb just after. Atop this ledge, after climbing the ladder, look around you and you'll see the Howling Stone.

If you still need a bit of guidance to find it just use my screen shots to get a better sense of location. While you're in the area picking up this Howling Stone you may be interested in knowing that there is also a Piece of Heart nearby in the cave just to the south... As well as three Poes which you can collect in the very same cave.

Back to the Howling Stone! The stone itself may be pretty easy to find but the combination for this one is a bit of a pain since it's so long. In the screen shot that I have below you can only see the start of the very last note. Down, Middle, Up, Down, Middle, Down, Up is the proper combination each held for one bar.

Lake Hylia Howling Stone Combination
The last note is cut off the screen but you just want to hold up for 1 bar.

Successfully completing this Howling Stone will place a Golden Wolf mark on your map in the Gerudo Desert.