Ordon Village - Piece of Heart Location

There's only a single piece of heart for you to obtain in Ordon Village and you can get it very early on in the game, right after you get Epona. All you have to do is complete an extremely easy mini game involving herding some animals.


Ordon Village (Faron Province) - Sixth Piece of Heart

Ordon Village - Sixth Piece of HeartOrdon Village - Sixth Piece of Heart

For this piece of heart you have to heard goats much like you did earlier on in the game. This time though if you hear them all in under 3 minutes you'll be given a piece of heart as a reward! I found this challenge to be a total piece of cake (as you can see from my time) - if you're having trouble though I can offer some tips...

- First is try not to yell at the goats with A unless they're aimed at the Barn. You can steer them much better this way which makes lining them up with the shed easier. Only hit A if you're sending them into the kennel or if they're really far away from it.

- When the challenge first starts aim for the goats furthest in the back and hit A on both them - sending them closer to the Barn. You can usually knock off half the goats at the start of the challenge this way.

- Make sure you're behind the goats and facing the Barn before you hit A and send them running. Even if you have to spend more time going around the long way you always want to approach them from the back.

That's all there is to it!

Ordon Village - Sixth Piece of Heart