Zelda The Twilight Princess Guides

Zelda the Twilight Princess was the second Zelda game released for the Gamecube and it was the follow up to the Wind waker.




Final Quiver Upgrade

For those that need assistance with this last Quiver Upgrade; there is a pattern for you to follow within the Clawshot cage that makes things hugely easier once you figure it out. Essentially from the bottom of the cage you work your way up collecting rows of stars. I have found that these rows are all commonly marked by a white star that begins the row so to speak.

Take a look at my screen shot above, you'll see two white stars closest to the cage. The bottom one is the one we start this puzzle at. You then follow the obvious pattern up the side of the cage (just look for clawshots with the most stars line up possible).

The stars to my right are all lined up at the top of the cage.

Once you reach the top you of the cage you shoot across the cage once grabbing all red then again grabbing all blue until the stars lead you to the center of the arena where you lower yourself down to the central platform collecting the only orange stars in the whole place.

It took me a few tries to learn the pattern but once you do you'll beat the course extremely quick!