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Golden Stag Beetle Male and Female Locations and Guide

           The Male and Female Golden Stag Beetles are found in the northern most portion of Hyrule Field which is in the Lanayru Province. This is the last major area of the overworld that you lift the Twilight from meaning you'll have to have completed the Goron Mines before you can find these Golden Bugs.

           The Female Stag Beetle is found along the northern cliff sides just above a destructible boulder right out in the open. The Male Stag Beetle is found on a tree trunk just after the path splits coming north from Castle Town.

Golden Stag Beetles Map Locations

           If you're still struggling to locate either of these Golden Stag Beetles even with the map and information I have provided - no problem! Continue reading for a step by step walkthrough with additional pictures for each of the two Golden Bugs.

           Additionally anyone playing on the Wii should keep in mind that their map will be reversed from what my pictures show. I took these pictures on the Gamecube version of the game.


Male Golden Stag BeetleMale Golden Stag Beetle Location

Male Golden Stag Beetle Location

           The Male Golden Stag Beetle is found just after the path splits if you're coming north through the area from Castle Town to the south. He's found on the trunk of the tree that's inbetween the roads as they split apart. If he isn't in this location look around the immediate area - sometimes he can be found flying around relatively close.

           I stood here for about 5 minutes or so waiting for night time to take this screen shot and he never moved for me unless I got close to him so the liklihood of you finding him in the same spot as I did is pretty high. To bring him down to you, as always, use your Gale Boomerang then spend the next 20 seconds rolling everywhere as you try and grab him with A.

Male Golden Stag Beetle Map Location


Female Golden Stag Beetle Location

Female Golden Stag Beetle Location           Female Golden Stag Beetle Gale Boomerang

           The Female Golden Stag Beetle is just a bit south to the entrance of Zora's Domain and is literally right above a hidden cave that contains a Piece of Heart. In my experience this Golden Bug doesn't budge at all unless you bother her with your Boomerang so she should be right where she is in my screenshots.

           You may not be able to grab the piece of heart yet if you're interested in that though; you'll need the Ball and Chain item to smash through the ice to grab it.

Female Golden Stag Beetle Map Location







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