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Golden Mantis Male and Female Locations and Guide

           The Male and Female Golden Mantis' are located on and around the Great Bridge of Hylia. If you can't tell by the name of the bridge and the picture of the map below - this bridge is found crossing over the top of Lake Hylia. The Male Mantis is found on a pillar of the bridge while the female is found on a cliffside near the path leading south of the bridge.

           The easiest way to reach this location is by using the Shadow Crystal and transforming into a Wolf then take the Castle Town portal. Avoid the Lake Hylia portal as it puts you down by the water rather than up where the bridge is which isn't where we need to be.

Golden Mantis Map Locations

           If you're still confused and unable to find one of these bugs fret not! Below you'll find a detailed step by step instruction on gathering both of them with additional pictures to alleviate any confusion! An additional friendly note for anyone playing on the Wii - your world will appear flip flopped when looking at my pictures.



Male Golden Mantis Location

Male Golden Mantis Location

           The Male Golden Mantis is found at the start of the bridge (coming from Castle Town) that covers lake Hylia. He is usually found in an area that you can see - if you look closely in my screen shot you can see him right by the P in "Put away". It actually took me about 5 minutes of waiting and repositioning to get a semi decent picture because he flies around so much!

           In other words if you arrive at this location and you don't see this guy right away just listen real close.. You'll hear him if you're in the right spot. Find a good spot to position yourself and bust our your Gale Boomerang until you spot him.

Male Golden Mantis Map Location




Female Golden MantisFemale Golden Mantis Location

Female Golden Mantis Location

           The Female Golden Mantis is thankfully much easier for you to find and grab than the Male one! You can find her to the south of the large bridge that crosses over Lake Hylia in the pass that leads back out to Hyrule Field. She is found underneath one of the large root looking things up pretty high on the cliffside. Listen closely if you're having trouble finding her

           From what I have seen she doesn't even have a tendancy to fly around in the immediate area so you should find her in the same location I did.

Female Golden Mantis Map Location







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