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Golden Dragonfly Male and Female Locations and Guide

           The Male and Female Golden Dragonflies can be found in Zora's Domain and Zora's River respectively. If you have already completed the Lakebed Temple you'll be able to use your Shadow Crystal to transform into a wolf and fast travel to both of these locations.

           If you are reading this prior to obtaining the Shadow Crystal you'll need to travel through the northern portion of Hyrule Field in the Lanaryu Province and destroy some boulders to reach Zora's Domain.

Golden Dragonflies Map Locations

           If you're still having trouble locating one or both of the Golden Dragonflies worry not! Below you'll find additional information and pictures which should help answer any questions you have left about finding these two!

           Additionally if you're playing on the Wii it's important to keep in mind that your maps will be reversed from mine since these were taken on the Gamecube version.



Male Golden DragonflyMale Golden Dragonfly Location

Male Golden Dragonfly Location

           The Male Golden Dragonfly is found in Zora's Domain off to the side of the river's mouth that leads south to Zora's River as well as the Female Golden Dragonfly. You can find the Male Golden Dragonfly on the less traveled side, the same side we went up as a wolf our first time here.

           I would give traditional directions but they're reversed for Wii players and end up more confusing. Use the surroundings in my picture for guidance as well as the map location and you should find where he is without issue!

Male Golden Dragonfly Map Location



Female Golden DragonflyFemale Golden Dragonfly Location

Female Golden Dragonfly Location

           The Female Golden Dragonfly is extremely easy to find - she's buzzing around the hut where you get one of the Bomb Bags from in Zora's River. If you've already been to this location and you have the Shadow Crystal you can port right here by speaking to Midna. Otherwise the closest port is Zora's Domain.

           Alternatively if you're trying to get here before completing Lakebed Temple you'll have to take Epona and go the long way around through northern Hyrule Field.

Zoras Domain Female Dragonfly Map








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