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Golden Butterfly Male and Female Locations and Guide

           The Butterflies are found either East or West from Castle Town depending on if you're Wii or Gamecube. The Female Butterfly is found on a ledge next to the mouth of the pass leading to Lake Hylia. The Male Butterfly is found to the south nearby the start of the pass leading to the "overlook" type area of Lake Hylia.

           Both of their locations are marked on the map below. If you need to make it bigger so you can see it; you can click on it to enlarge it like most of the images on my website.

Golden Butterfly Map Locations

           If you're still struggling to locate either of the Golden Butterflies - no problem! Keep on reading for a step by step walkthrough on how to acquire both the Male and Female Golden Butterflies.



Male Golden ButterflyMale Golden Butterfly Location

Male Golden Butterfly Location

           The Male Golden Butterfly is the easier of the two Butterflies to acquire. You can find him in the Lanayru Province of Hyrule Field - just outside the Castle Town exit. He's typically flying around a small patch of flowers which are next to the path leading to the Lake Hylia overlook area.

           In my personal experience he doesn't fly around anywhere else but right here so you should find him in the same exact location I did!

Male Golden Butterfly Map Location




Female Golden ButterflyFemale Golden Butterfly Location

Vines to Clawshot onto for Female Golden Butterfly           Female Golden Butterfly Location

           The Female Golden Butterfly is a bit tricker than the Male and she may require the Clawshot to obtain depending on if you're able to snag her with your Gale Boomerang or not. Much like the Male the Female is found in the portion of Hyrule Field just north of Lake Hylia that's connected to Castle Town.

           Depending on if you're a Wii player or Gamecube your directions may not be the same as mine (Wii everything is reversed from my pictures). Without using the cardinal directions the best guidance I can give is next to the mouth of the pass that leads to Lake Hylia you'll see some vines you can climb; shown in my first screen shot.

           Clawshot onto these vines and climb up top. You'll find a small patch of flowers here and the Female Butterfly will be flying around them.

Female Golden Butterfly Map Location
In this screenshot I am standing on top of the raised platform right in front of the patch of flowers.












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