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Golden Ant Male and Female Locations and Guide

           The Golden Ants that you need to collect are both located in Kakariko Village. If you are reading this prior to obtaining the Shadow Crystal and Master Sword the only way for you to reach Kakariko Village will be the only fashion way with Epona. If you're far enough into the game that you can freely use the Warp Gates - there's one right in Kakariko Village you can use.

           As for the location of the Golden Ants; the female can be found inside of a building which is in the center of town and the Male is found nearby a tree that's in the Graveyard. The map below has both of their locations marked on it - click on the picture to enlarge it.

Golden Ants Map Location

           If you still have some questions and would like a more detailed step by step walkthrough for obtaining the Golden Ants then keep on reading!

           Additionally players on the Wii HD remake of Twilight Princess should keep in mind that their maps will be reversed from mine since these pictures were taken on the Gamecube version.



Female Golden Ant Location

Female Ant Building in Kakariko Village           Female Ant Location

           The Female Golden Ant is found in the center of Kakariko Village inside of a building. There's 3 buildings across from the Inn and next to Barne's Bomb Shop. Two of them are boarded up and the third one, the one closest to Barne's Shop isn't. I'm standing outside in my screen shot above if you need help finding this building.

           Enter the building and inside on the floor you'll find the Golden Ant. That's all there is to it!

Female Ant Map Location
I'm standing right ontop of the Female Golden Ant in this screen shot.



Male Golden Ant Location

Male Golden Ant Location

           The Male Golden Ant is found in the Kakariko Cemetary. Run past all of the graves to the back end of the Cemetary and up the stairs onto the raised piece of land. You'll find the Golden Ant wandering around this area by the base of the trees. If he isn't at the exact spot shown in my screen shot look around the immediate area.

           You may need to dispose of the enemies in the area before you can safely grab him - sometimes combat startles the Golden Bugs and causes them to flee. Use my pictures for guidance if you're having trouble locating the Male.

Male Golden Ant Map Location









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