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Lightcrafting in LOTR the Third Age

           After you defeat Grima in the Plains of Rohan you'll be rewarded with the Elfstone of Pure Light. This Elfstone is extremely similar to the Elfstone of Fell Shadow in the sense that when you equip it you'll get a new line of abilities called "Lightcraft".

           Lightcraft is much more beneficial than Shadowcraft primarily because it gives everyone on your team the ability to heal and resurrect a fallen ally. Both of these abilities are acquired fairly on while grinding too which means this isn't a massive time dump.

Elfstone of Pure Light

           Much like the Elfstone of Fell Shadow you'll learn the abilities this Elfstone teaches you signifigantly faster than the Nimble Crafting Elfstone. The same downside also applies though which is the abilities cost a lot more AP from this Elfstone than they do the Nimble Crafting.

           Here is a list of all the abilities you can learn with the Elfstone of Lightcraft.

Gift of Galadrial - Restores a greater amount of HP to one of your Party Members.
5 SP to learn this ability.

Aura of Life - Increases your entire parties maximum HP for the entire battle.
10 SP to learn this ability.

Haste of the Elves - Increases one party members attack rate for the battle
15 SP to learn this ability.

Power of the Valar - Revives a fallen party member
20 SP to learn this ability.

Sleep - Put a foe to sleep for a short period of time
20 SP to learn this ability.

Drain Spirit - Siphons your targets AP returning some to the caster.
20 SP to learn this ability.

Suffocate Evil - Immobilize an enemy and deal damage of time (DoT) to them.
30 SP to learn this ability.

Blinding Light - A powerful Spirit attack
50 SP to learn this ability.















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