Harvest Moon Magical Melody - Leveling Tools Quickly

This guide will tell you the fastest way I found to raise tools in Harvest Moon. Raising your tools level is important in all Harvest Moons because it is tied together with upgrading that tool. Getting it up to the max skill level is require to make that tool the best it can possibly be. Raising a tool's skill level is as simple as using it!

With a powered up tool you will be able to do the same tasks you were before but at the cost of less time and stamina. For example, instead of having to swing 10 or so times to break a rock and use up over half your stamina with a fully upgraded hammer you can swing once and only use a small fraction of your stamina.

Watering Harvest Moon

The way to raise it quickly... well... is to use it a lot! Now now, let me explain... First and most important, the best use of your time is raising a tool when it is too severe weather outside for you to leave your house. I usually swing a tool until I am about to pass out then go to bed. With that aside, there is a much faster but semi costly way to raise your tools quickly...

What you'll want to do is head over to the Perch Inn in town, it's down by the dock on the beach (across the bridge from Carl's sweet shop) the one that is run by Doug and also the one that Gwen and Bob hang out at too. I usually buy a Tuna Steak here and then just swing the tool I want until I am almost out of stamina, buy more Tuna Steak and rinse/repeat on a loop. I experimented buying other stuff but it gave me less stamina than money I spent, Tuna Steak and Pizza seem to be my characters favorite food. It may be different per game but I am not sure.

Tuna Steak

You can actually do the same thing at Carl's sweet shop or if it's after 6pm the Bar that opens up. It's honestly completely up to you, I mainly choose the diner since it's open almost every day and during the most convient hours. It's not very good to tire your character out at night too much because he'll be tired and near useless the next day. Carl's sweet shop has a pretty bad ratio though for money spent versus stamina gained back. The bar that opens up after 6pm will sell Pizza as well as other goodies you can find at Perch Inn. That's why I recommend the Inn or Bar.

Also Carl's Sweet shop gets crowded! Don't swing your tool around/at someone or they'll be upset and it'll lower your relationship level with them a little.