Harvest Moon Magical Melody - Friendship Points Guide

Raising friendship levels in Harvest Moon: Magical Melody is actually quite easy! Unlike most other Harvest Moons in this game villagers will like you more for just talking to them. Each time they display a unique line of chat it's 1 point or whatever the math is. So you can talk to each person twice a day for their hello and goodbye for relationship points!

The other way to make people like you is of course by giving them gifts, that's the standard in all previous Harvest Moons.

Magical Melody Friendship Menu

Instead of giving you a huge list of what each villager likes and dislikes instead I have found that almost all villagers are ok with most things. Very rarely did I have someone scoff at my gift. Also I have discovered that almost all villagers at least like Coral, which you can find on the beach almost any day in any month. When I run out of farm work what I do is run down to the beach gather up a bunch of coral and pass it out in town then head back home.

Another good idea is to plant trees on property you don't own. This makes a happy face when you do in the game and gives the villagers some points towards you, though I don't know how much. Another good tip is to make it a fruit tree that way you can either get fruit to sell or to give to the villagers you know who like it. Gwen likes fruit as do most of the more girly girls and anyone who owns a resturant or does something with sweets. They are all good choices for fruit.

And of course if none of that works for you, you can always hand out your eggs to villagers. Mostly all of the villagers like eggs if not love them! Especially Martha, who you'll need at least two hearts for in order to get the final Rucksack upgrade!