Harvest Moon Magical Melody Power Berries

If you are a fan of the Harvest Moon Franchise then you know good and well what a Power Berry is by now! Power Berries are very rare consumable items in Harvest Moon that give you a permanent boost to how much Stamina your character has. In other words it lets you do more work before passing out from fatigue!

Power Berries


1. Win the Beach Festival on Summer 3rd. In order to win the Beach Festival you'll need to swim around and touch the balls in the water. This can be a real pain in the ass and it is mostly luck whether or not you'll win. I HIGHLY recommend saving before you attempt it. Save States help even more since you can save right before the event starts.

Try to follow the currents where you can and also hop on the dolphin and he'll usually take you from one ball to another. Jaime is really tough competition during this. It took me close to 10 tries before I finally won.

2. Collect 30 Music Notes and return them to the Sprites. This will get you a Power Berry as a reward.

3. Win the Horse Race during the Spring or Fall. The Carpenter's W.S. Cup has a grand prize Power Berry if you win.

4. Reach the 100th floor of the Moonlight Mine. This is the mine behind Jamie's Ranch. If you reach the 100th floor Tim will give you a Power Berry. You first need to be introduced to Tim otherwise when you reach the 100th nothing will happen

5. On the 29th of Fall place a Pumpkin in the blue shipping box inside the town square. The next day the mayor will give you a Power Berry as a thank you when you go to the festival.