The Sims Bustin' Out CodeBreaker Codes (USA, Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It,Nl)

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The Sims Bustin' Out CodeBreaker Mastercode

0000D897 000A
1001F266 0007


Max Skill Codes


Unlimited Money: 83003954 FFFF

Max Popularity: 83003982 7FF8

Neat Attribute Max: 3300397A 000A

Outgoing Attribute Max: 3300397B 000A

Active Attribute Max: 3300397C 000A

Playful Attribute Max: 3300397D 000A

Nice Attribute Max: 3300397E 000A

Hunger Meter Never Decreases: 33003A03 0063

Shower Meter Never Decreases: 33003A07 0063

Bed Meter Never Decreases: 33003A0B 0063

Relationship Meter Never Decreases: 33003A0F 0063

Rest Meter Never Decreases: 33003A13 0063

Bathroom Meter Never Decreases: 33003A17 0063

TV Meter Never Decreases: 33003A1B 0063

House Meter Never Decreases: 33003A1F 0063

Max Aluminum Cans: 33003A30 0063

Max Old Glass Jars: 33003A31 0063

Max Mechanical Cogs: 33003A32 0063

Max Nuclear Fuel Rods: 33003A33 0063

Max 3-Eeared Mice: 33003A34 0063



Max Money

83003954 967F
83003946 0098


All Jobs Mastered

33004085 0004
43004086 0404
00000003 0002
3300408C 0004


Known & Loved By All

430039B9 0064
00000018 0004


Decrease Ingame Time
Hold L to use.

73004220 0200
E300395B 00FF


Increase Ingame Time
Hold R to use.

73004220 0100
E300395B 0001