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Pokemon Leaf Green Guides and Walkthroughs

Pokemon Leaf Green is a remake of Pokemon Blue for the Gameboy Color. It's got a butt load of added content and an expanded Pokedex (Gold and Silver's Pokemon are part of this game too). If you're like me and you played Pokemon Blue as a kid, this is a great way to experience it again with better graphics, more to do and more Pokemon. I can't recommend this game more!

Pokemon Leaf Green Title Screen

Pokemon Leaf Green CodeBreaker Codes (USA)

Pokemon Leaf Green Gameshark Codes (USA)

Pokemon Leaf Green Controls



Pokemon Fire Red & Leaf Green HM Guides & Locations

Pokemon Fire Red HM Map Locations

In each of the Pokemon games there's TMs and HMs. HMs are the more unique of the two since they teach your Pokemon abilities that are used on the overworld as well as during battle. Cut can be used to take out trees in your way, Fly allows you to quickly travel between towns, Surf allows you to travel across water and so on and so forth. Click on the link below to be taken to the guide relating to that HM.

HM01 Cut

HM02 Fly

HM03 Surf

HM04 Strength

HM05 Flash

HM06 Rock Smash

HM07 Waterfall


How to Reach Sevii Island #4 Floe Island

Sevii Island HM location

After you beat The Elite Four and save your game, you'll be able to tackle a short side quest that takes place on Island #1 which will grant you access to Islands #4, #5, #6, #7, #8 and #9. These islands have different Pokemon than the ones found throughout Kanto and extend the game by quite a bit.

Continue reading for more information on how to reach Sevii Islands 4 - 9


Where/How to get the Super Rod

Super Rod AcquiredSuper Rod Map Location

The Super Fishing Rod is given to you by a Fisherman whose found on Route 12 (south of Lavender Town - east of Vermilion City). You'll need the Pokeflute in order to reach this NPC as there'll be a sleeping Snorlax blocking the road otherwise. No other requirements need to be met, just walk inside and speak with the guy to be handed your Super Rod!


Team Rocket Warehouse Passwords & Island 6 Dotted Door

Team Rocket Warehouse Passwords

You'll find the first password for Team Rocket's Warehouse on Island 1 your first time back on Sevii Islands after beating The Elite Four. For more information about this read my How to Reach Island #4 Guide, it goes into more detail for this part of the quest.

On Island 6 you'll come across a door that upon further inspection shows you words (or numbers) in braille. In order to open the door you'll need to use Cut on it; inside the cave you'll need to fall through each hole in the proper order to reach the room at the bottom which has a Sapphire in the center.

Trying to pickup the Sapphire will trigger a scene where a scientist comes down, steals it from you and tells you the second password to Team Rocket's Warehouse. I think the order of the holes you fall through varies from Fire Red to Leaf Green, but for me in Leaf Green the order was Up, Left, Right, Down.


Power Plant on Route 10 - Where to find Zapdos

Power Plant on Route 10Power Plant on Route 10 map location

Zapdos the Legendary Bird is found inside the Power Plant located on Route 10. You can reach this location after obtaining HM03 Surf, just Fly to the Pokecenter on Route 10 and then head north to the water, use Surf and sail down to the south until you come across a new area. Here is where you'll find the Power Plant, inside is Zapdos!


Where to find Mewtwo At / How to catch Mewtwo

Where to find MewtwoMewtwo Location in cave

Mewtwo is found inside Cerulean Cave; it's visible from Cerulean City but there's someone standing out front and blocking the entrance until you've beat The Elite Four and completed the story arc on the Sevii Islands. To reach the cave from Cerulean City, you'll want to run north out of the city across the bridge with all the Trainers. You went this way earlier in the game to visit Pokemon Bill.

Immediately after you make it to the other side of the bridge turn left and use Surf on the water. Follow it down south and you'll come out to where I am in the screen shot above. Mewtwo is in the back of the cave, this cave has a lot of higher level Pokemon too and makes a good place to level up your Pokemon before you tackle The Elite Four a second time.