Mega Man Battle Network Gameshark Codes (USA)

           This page contains Gameshark cheat codes for Mega Man Battle Network (USA). If you're playing on an emulator you can usually input codes very easily by accessing a tab off the top of the toolbar. Anyone playing on a physical Gameboy will need to purchase a physical Gameshark device to use these codes.

           If you're using an emulator and still can't figure out how to setup these codes, you're in luck! There's two common emulators for GBA games, the mGBA and VisualBoy Advance. Follow the link provided for the emulator you're using to be taken to a guide explaining how to get these codes working.

           Don't see the code you're looking for on this page? Head on over to my Mega Man Battle Network (USA) CodeBreaker Codes and check for your code there instead!


Mega Man Battle Network Gameshark Master Code

F800196C 00000101
45455241 001DC0DE


Invulnerability: 020066C7 00000001

Unlimited Zenny: 12000284 0000C350

Unlimited Power-Ups: 02000311 00000063

Max Attack: 02000224 00000004

Max Battle Gauge: 0200374F 00000040

Max Busting Level: 02004EEC 00000063

15 Chips In-Battle: 02003720 0000000F

Battle Gauge Full: 0200374F 00000040

Defeat All Enemies (Press Select): 02003715 00000000

Have AquaArmr: 02000315 0000000F

Have HeatArmr: 02000314 0000000F

Have WoodArmr: 02000316 0000000F

Have Charger: 020002DE 00000001

Have Dentures: 020002E1 00000001


Unlimited Health During Battle

020066D0 000000E7
020066D1 00000003


Lv. S Busting

F4E58172 6B0BBBB0
2504425C CCDBCD45


Complete Library

00000000 8220001C
0000FFFF 00100002


Sack Is Full

00000000 82219016
00000003 049D0020
00000000 822004B0
00000303 00ED0010
00000000 822004B2
00000303 00ED0010
00000000 822004B4
00000303 00ED0010


Have All Batteries

020002D9 00000001
020002DA 00000001
020002DB 00000001
020002DC 00000001
020002DD 00000001


Have Bass Cards

020001C0 000000C7
020001C2 000000C7
020001C4 000000C7
020001C6 000000C7
020001C8 000000C7













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