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Inspector Gadget: Advance Mission Guides and Walkthroughs

Inspector Gadget: Advance Mission is an action platformer for the GameBoy Advance made by DreamCatcher Interactive. It is rated E and based on the TV Show Inspector Gadget.

GO-GO-GADGET! Dr. Claw never gives up… he has once again drawn up a diabolical plan to conquer the world…

Become Inspector Gadget, Penny, or Brain as you attempt to defuse the dangerous and hypnotizing contraptions placed by the evil Doctor Claw at the foot of the most famous monuments in every corner of the world!

Inspector Gadget: Advance Mission Action Replay MAX Codes (USA)

Inspector Gadget: Advance Mission CodeBreaker Codes (USA)

Inspector Gadget: Advance Mission Gameshark Codes (USA)

































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