Final Fantasy IV Advance Gameshark Codes (USA, Australia)

This page contains Gameshark cheat codes for Final Fantasy IV Advance (USA, Australia). If you're playing on an emulator you can usually input codes very easily by accessing a tab off the top of the toolbar. Anyone playing on a physical Gameboy will need to purchase a physical Gameshark device to use these codes.

If you're using an emulator and still can't figure out how to setup these codes, you're in luck! There's two common emulators for GBA games, the mGBA and VisualBoy Advance. Follow the link provided for the emulator you're using to be taken to a guide explaining how to get these codes working.

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Have Weapons In Slot 48

Have Armor In Slot 48



(Slot 48) Have Hermes' Shoes: C7F0E422 55195FB8

(Slot 48) Have X-Potion: EDC8DAF5 B17B4746

(Slot 48) Have Elixir: 2ECD1237 1BFA087F

(Slot 48) Have Gold Apple: D30D7BB7 B3D9AFB5

(Slot 48) Have Silver Apple: F30FC620 8502A287



(Slot 48) Have Hand of the Gods: E49C583D 6280D046

(Slot 48) Have Apollo's Harp: 925219C6 D8040451

(Slot 48) Have Triton's Dagger: EF47148B E74486DB

(Slot 48) Have Seraphim's Mace: BAA54D25 B8275CD1

(Slot 48) Have Thor's Hammer: 10BEEEC1 6309233C

(Slot 48) Have Lightbringer: FFB20973 F58847D8

(Slot 48) Have Flandango: 825236A1 118AFD58

(Slot 48) Have Caliburn: 23DA6566 7306F3BD

(Slot 48) Have Able's Lance: DF309F1A C13E2141

(Slot 48) Have Fiery Hammer: 7FC4F9B2 03A41FB6

(Slot 48) Have Dragoon Gloves: 1F480700 820EB921

(Slot 48) Have Hanzo Gloves: 457354BF 63DF75DB

(Slot 48) Have Discipline Armlet: A0C20112 C2665B0B

(Slot 48) Have White Ring: 408A1E71 BCD7A5B1

(Slot 48) Have Mist Ring: 868D0F10 64B30C25

(Slot 48) Have Harmonious Ring: 6EB735CF DDB530E9

(Slot 48) Have Twin Stars: 709E0208 88DAB5C8

(Slot 48) Have Courageous Suit: F50BBDE0 4148DF6F

(Slot 48) Have Red Jacket: 21F31307 2AC0DFFA

(Slot 48) Have Sage's Robe: FF01FC64 C52A32C8

(Slot 48) Have Lord's Robe: C385555E 72362AAD

(Slot 48) Have Grand Armor: 11204F60 3A9FB43A

(Slot 48) Have Funny Mask: 193F9C7C 51F2A41C

(Slot 48) Have Red Cap: 880A6AE7 BAD1AA4F

(Slot 48) Have Coronet: 36204C56 E15B6E4D

(Slot 48) Have Cat Hood: BC1DC4A8 70CDE3ED

(Slot 48) Have Grand Helm: EC3CA4CC 27D44BAE

(Slot 48) Have Nirvana: CDA3ED82 A463DAAC

(Slot 48) Have Asura's Rod: B06ABD66 2A6A0FAA

(Slot 48) Have Sasuke's Katana: AD784CAE C22DB078

(Slot 48) Have Mitsunokami: 38AB0262 7885BE29

(Slot 48) Have Mist Whip: 1F7C9240 7C79285F

(Slot 48) Have Perseus's Bow: 92BD51C2 87CC540F

(Slot 48) Have Perseus Arrow: B9158EF9 1E525AB6

(Slot 48) Have Tiger Fang: 57CA7C54 353E1552

(Slot 48) Have Dragon Claw: F4B9F690 60814A12

(Slot 48) Have Loki's Lute: 364A3766 23686ED6

(Slot 48) Have Rising Sun: 4AE5E397 784EF84D

(Slot 48) Have Assassin Dagger: B7D9F1EB 78C1887A

(Slot 48) Have Giant Axe: 409434BA E36E04BA

(Slot 48) Have Piggy Stick: 0E329309 16BAD6DF

(Slot 48) Have Hero's Shield: 137EA506 C1B77C62

(Slot 48) Have Rainbow Robe: CC066DF1 FCF41552

(Slot 48) Have White Dress: 7945C73D 32E520F3

(Slot 48) Have Chocobo Suit: 099B921A 5A0BFC43

(Slot 48) Have Tabby Suit: 27D3C9B8 BE351AD5

(Slot 48) Have Maximilian: 7CA4CA27 AD463A7D

(Slot 48) Have Caesar's Plate: 8EDF6CD9 F430EA05

(Slot 48) Have Dragoon Plate: 4A67FB09 AAFF0F5F

(Slot 48) Have Assassin Vest: 0A02C06E C89F7EB5

(Slot 48) Have Battle Gear: 0F7E774C 8FAA1DED

(Slot 48) Have Vishnu Vest: 83D3DC08 1407A829

(Slot 48) Have Mega Elixir: 55A00B65 5CA92623



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Load a Saved Game

CB36F480 33E459D8
2D10D872 2411451A
358773DE 7687C278
4818A204 0843EE6F