Final Fantasy IV Advance Action Replay MAX Codes (USA, Australia)

This page contains Gameshark cheat codes for Final Fantasy IV Advance (USA, Australia). If you're playing on an emulator you can usually input codes very easily by accessing a tab off the top of the toolbar. Anyone playing on a physical Gameboy will need to purchase a physical Gameshark device to use these codes.

If you're using an emulator and still can't figure out how to setup these codes, you're in luck! There's two common emulators for GBA games, the mGBA and VisualBoy Advance. Follow the link provided for the emulator you're using to be taken to a guide explaining how to get these codes working.

Don't see the code you're looking for on this page? Head on over to my Final Fantasy IV Advance (USA, Australia) CodeBreaker Codes and check for your code there instead!


Note: For all of the (Slot 48) codes, it will change the item in Slot 48 to the item you specify. The quantity will not change; so you can put 99 Potions into Slot 48 and then use the Abel's Lance code below and it'll turn the 99 Potions into 99 Abel's Lances. Slot 48 is the final slot in your inventory, all the way down at the bottom on the right for those curious.



(Slot 48) Abel's Lance: CB56C67A 8CC0965A

(Slot 48) Aegis Shield: 527B7B03 0AEA902A

(Slot 48) Assassin Dagger: 636668C1 70C931BC

(Slot 48) Assassin Vest: 7079A8A6 FC25EC97

(Slot 48) Asura's Rod: AC5C667C AE855EDC

(Slot 48) Battle Gear: F0808BA6 FFD7F1A9

(Slot 48) Black Cowl: 9A083990 72C85A42

(Slot 48) Black Garb: 5A286F66 50ABAC26

(Slot 48) Bomb: 639FC2D1 A6C5A846

(Slot 48) Caesar's Plate: ED482D0F DD6C6D85

(Slot 48) Cat Hood: 19215E86 B9B35395

(Slot 48) Chocobo Suit: 80FA4BF8 3F8F51B3

(Slot 48) Cockatrice: F34C4A5F 28AE5A89

(Slot 48) Coronet: F50DC6C0 C18832DC

(Slot 48) Courageous Suit: 94380F7C 8BD750D9

(Slot 48) Crystal Gloves: B1EE78D3 45728986

(Slot 48) Crystal Helm: A8A92A13 37418FCD

(Slot 48) Crystal Mail: 7CD83D8A 677A0A2B

(Slot 48) Crystal Shield: 74A67337 3A1AB21C

(Slot 48) Discipline Amulet: 09E6D460 383540A4

(Slot 48) Dragon Claw: 4BDEDA91 BBC18CED

(Slot 48) Dragon Gloves: AE2F5ED0 14BAB232

(Slot 48) Dragon Helm: 022921E0 668DE450

(Slot 48) Dragon Mail: 9A553922 63375901

(Slot 48) Dragon Shield: 73F5DFDD 8333E86E

(Slot 48) Dragoon Gloves: 23150054 3D2FBBCC

(Slot 48) Dragoon Plate: 131523AF 750E9D53

(Slot 48) Fiery Hammer: 543260CE 649F4B0A

(Slot 48) Funny Mask: FD4F0636 14D4E630

(Slot 48) Genji Armor: 29CC711B BA614E3D

(Slot 48) Genji Gloves: 9AEAE8D5 1C0B3504

(Slot 48) Genji Helm: 55B26CB4 2C70D1C0

(Slot 48) Genji Shield: 964F702F F6937E8B

(Slot 48) Giant's Gloves: 7A29A788 F9364EB5

(Slot 48) Gigant Axe: C678F08F EEC28414

(Slot 48) Glass Mask: 154663EA 8E48EE06

(Slot 48) Goblin: D71962B7 9D4BD7C0

(Slot 48) Golden Apple: 1F756BD5 78D5FD75

(Slot 48) Grand Armor: 8FF27DAC E0E79409

(Slot 48) Grand Helm: 9924024D BD84E680

(Slot 48) Hanzo Gloves: 52CC73BB 54572CF4

(Slot 48) Harmonious Ring: 28464812 A17C8ED9

(Slot 48) Hero's Shield: D110569D AA5A959D

(Slot 48) Holy Lance: B9FA1E10 FAF8CE7F

(Slot 48) Kikuichimonji: 4CC9678C 72EB727C

(Slot 48) Lightbringer: 775D763D 7F909BAC

(Slot 48) Loki's Lute: 16B303B5 CCDABE57

(Slot 48) Lord's Robe: 96213148 1A66C66A

(Slot 48) Masamune: A16DDF2B C66BBA01

(Slot 48) Maximilian: 1C55BC26 6511CB39

(Slot 48) Megalixir: 1EE2BD8E 7DC0D81E

(Slot 48) Mind Flayer: CC5601C4 F9D4B629

(Slot 48) Minerva's Plate: A846C293 6B92DCA2

(Slot 48) Mist Ring: 9298640F 857C6264

(Slot 48) Mist Whip: D8A386B0 611B96B8

(Slot 48) Mursasame: C11E4FB4 49B2AA7A

(Slot 48) Mutsunokami: 1A71E81B DC9D5445

(Slot 48) Nirvana: 33B53237 E00EBB9D

(Slot 48) Perseus Arrow: 44595080 67DE96F2

(Slot 48) Perserus's Bow: F524FF50 C4B2627C

(Slot 48) Pink Tail: 4B9D3232 A8DDDD05

(Slot 48) Rainbow Robe: 5D06BB96 B01E83E0

(Slot 48) Red Cap: 5FBE9570 F8AC73A3

(Slot 48) Red Jacket: 3A737699 E930B738

(Slot 48) Ribbon: FE2FE537 4527A0E4

(Slot 48) Rising Sun: 6176EE59 A94AF4D7

(Slot 48) Sage's Robe: EB27C355 88B7D1A0

(Slot 48) Sasuke's Katana: 42B45C53 7F4206A9

(Slot 48) Siren: A20F5DAF 2C8D6996

(Slot 48) Soma Drop: 4E62040F A8AB2501

(Slot 48) Tabby Suit: E8783B7E 0CD1DD63

(Slot 48) Thor's Hammer: 54B79FAF F707166C

(Slot 48) Tiger Fang: 2534E1A3 50A82419

(Slot 48) Twin Stars: 7B914C96 CB1B4432

(Slot 48) Vishnu Vest: E9CF02A3 698C9550

(Slot 48) White Dress: E942670E 1E0103F6

(Slot 48) White Ring: AE8406BD 5A081B25

(Slot 48) Wyvern Lance: 16DA1BB5 286692B6




Have 99 Items in Slots 1 - 3

7A7CFC3D F934C308