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F-Zero Maximum Velocity (F-ZERO FOR GAMEBOY ADVANCE in Japan) is a futuristic racing game for Game Boy Advance. It is the third installment in the F-Zero franchise. The game was developed by Ndcube, and published by Nintendo. The game was released as a launch game for the system, on March 21, 2001, in Japan, June 11, 2001, in North America, and across Europe on June 22, 2001.

Every race consists of 5 laps around a race track. The race will end prematurely if the player land outside of the way after a jump, destroys their car by depleting its energy, or completes a race in too low of a rank; all of these conditions necessitate the player using an extra life (if available in the Grand Prix) to try again.

At the end of every lap, the player is given one boost. This boost may be used at any time during a game by pressing both shoulder buttons at the same time. A growth will dramatically increase a player's speed but will decrease their ability to turn. A boost used before a jump will make the player jump farther, allowing for shortcuts.

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