Earthworm Jim 2 CodeBreaker Codes (USA, Europe)

This page contains CodeBreaker cheat codes for Earthworm Jim 2. If you're playing on an emulator you can usually input codes very easily by accessing a tab off the top of the toolbar. Anyone playing on a physical Gameboy will need to purchase a physical Codebreaker device to use these codes.

If you're using an emulator and still can't figure out how to setup these codes, you're in luck! There's two common emulators for GBA games, the mGBA and VisualBoy Advance. Follow the link provided for the emulator you're using to be taken to a guide explaining how to get these codes working.

Don't see the code you're looking for on this page? Head on over to my Earthworm Jim 2 (USA, Europe) Gameshark Codes and check for your code there instead!



Earthworm Jim 2 Master Code

9C382D3F 69FC
E0CE307D F6A7
3C900E7F 5B2F



Unlimited Lives: F3BA71A4 5BDE

Unlimited Health: 646D0F0F A4B5

Unlimited Ammo: 15AF3AF3 4C3A
3 Finger Hand Gun

Unlimited Ammo: 4633AA3F 153C
Barn Blaster

Unlimited Ammo: 4233AE23 4D0C
Bubble Gun

Unlimited Ammo: 572F3AB3 4C3E
House Gun

Unlimited Ammo: 532F3EA3 4C0E
Mega Blaster

Unlimited Ammo: 81BDAECF 1600
Plasma Gun

Normal Gun Equipped with Unlimited Ammo: B36AA5B0 104B

3 Finger Hand Gun Equipped with Unlimited Ammo: E20AEDCB 843A

Barn Blaster Equipped with Unlimited Ammo: FF00EDE6 30D4

Bubble Gun Equipped with Unlimited Ammo: EF40A5C4 A4D5

House Gun Equipped with Unlimited Ammo: EA02EDCF 84BE

Mega Blaster Equipped with Unlimited Ammo: EA42A5CD 84BF

3 Finger Hand Gun Equipped: 6B620D82 8E5B

Barn Blaster Equipped: 96488FFF 7AA5

Bubble Gun Equipped: E628C58D ECB4

House Gun Equipped: 636A8D86 8EDF

Mega Blater Equipped: 632AC584 8CDE

Normal Gun Equipped: 7A2247A9 583A



Skip Logos

EBF64B9A E742
7D617C33 5A68


Unlimited Puppies

E62832B5 FEA5
A6FC76A8 F710