Crash Bandicoot: Purple Ripto's Rampage Guides and Walkthroughs

Ripto's Rampage and The Cortex Conspiracy are single-player side-scrolling crossover adventure games wherein the player controls Crash Bandicoot and/or Spyro the Dragon in the respective games. While the games feature platforming elements that allow Crash and Spyro to maneuver through different areas, the main focus is on a series of mini-games that make up the core of the gameplay. The mini-games consist of distinctively different gameplay elements, such as destroying enemies in a Breakout-inspired challenge or racing through an area with a jet pack, tank, or inner tube. The games make use of the Game Link Cable, allowing players to compete in multiplayer versions of several of the minigames found in the games. Much of these minigames only require one copy of either of the games for as many as four players in the network. Players can earn trading cards by performing specific tasks; these cards can be traded between Game Boy Advance systems to players who do not physically own a copy of the games. Additional content can be accessed once the two games are linked to each other.

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