Castlevania: Double Pack Action Replay Codes (USA)

This page contains Action Replay cheat codes for Castlevania: Double Pack (USA). If you're playing on an emulator you can usually input codes very easily by accessing a tab off the top of the toolbar. Anyone playing on a physical Gameboy will need to purchase a physical Action Replay device to use these codes.

If you're using an emulator and still can't figure out how to setup these codes, you're in luck! There's two common emulators for GBA games, the mGBA and VisualBoy Advance. Follow the link provided for the emulator you're using to be taken to a guide explaining how to get these codes working.

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Have All Spells: AFD3757F 533F8E4F

Have All Whip Parts: 658C533C 7DE2BAD1

Have Encyclopedia: 55002E58 52FB6CE0

Unlimited Hearts: 0748228A CEF94A15

Unlimited HP: F9898B03 3454A3E1

Unlimited MP: 7998EAFC BFB0D08F

Max Defense: CD6456B8 74C1F0A4

Max Heart: 7EE7B87C BEDBE661

Max Intelligence: 6FB4BC63 656195BC

Max Luck: 803B164F 8661958B

Max Strength: 479A896E FF69A413

Max HP: 24FEDC91 D9415C61

Max MP: B777D863 757F6DC5

Faster Level Ups: A7105DE8 91007232

Axe Equipped: B5800241 B7A84EA5

Bible Equipped: 54796DD9 4B6CE8CB

Cross Equipped: 9C190574 74775001

Dagger Equipped: 35AA0A2D 9C76BB01

Fist Equipped: BCF03BAE 9A893694

Holy Water Equipped: 58BA0303 84AF3C01



Have All Equipment

6751C549 997DDC3D
3E336324 7C8B936C


Have All Items

20A36D46 89DC51F5
2AD4B0FD 066CE616


Have All Relics

92F06BB9 8486658B
27D38542 C848D385