Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand Item Modifier Codes (USA)

This page contains CodeBreaker Item Modifier cheat codes for Boktai: The Sun Is In Your Hand (USA). If you're playing on an emulator you can usually input codes very easily by accessing a tab off the top of the toolbar. Anyone playing on a physical Gameboy will need to purchase a physical Gameshark device to use these codes.

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Item Modifier Codes

In order to make any of the codes work on this page you'll need to use the Enable All Item Slots code which is found just below.


Enable All Item Slots: 3203DC18 002A



Slot 1 Green Apple: 3203DC1A 0000

Slot 1 Red Apple: 3203DC1A 0001

Slot 1 Gold Apple: 3203DC1A 0002

Slot 1 Heal Fruit: 3203DC1A 0003

Slot 1 Solar Nut: 3203DC1A 0004

Slot 1 See-All Nut: 3203DC1A 0005

Slot 1 Tiptoe Nut: 3203DC1A 0006

Slot 1 Speed Nut: 3203DC1A 0007

Slot 1 Banana: 3203DC1A 0008

Slot 1 Evil Banana: 3203DC1A 0009

Slot 1 Redshroom: 3203DC1A 000A

Slot 1 Blueshroom: 3203DC1A 000B

Slot 1 Flame Nut: 3203DC1A 000C

Slot 1 Ice Nut: 3203DC1A 000D

Slot 1 Bearnut: 3203DC1A 000E

Slot 1 Enduranut: 3203DC1A 000F

Slot 1 Empty Gourd: 3203DC1A 0010

Slot 1 Solar Leaf: 3203DC1A 0011

Slot 1 Bad Pumpkin: 3203DC1A 0012

Slot 1 Revivafruit: 3203DC1A 0013

Slot 1 x2 Carrot: 3203DC1A 0014

Slot 1 Fast Carrot: 3203DC1A 0015

Slot 1 Life Fruit: 3203DC1A 0016

Slot 1 Rotten Nut: 3203DC1A 0017

Slot 1 Mr. Rainnot: 3203DC1A 0018

Slot 1 Tonniar .RM: 3203DC1A 0019

Slot 1 Sunny Clog: 3203DC1A 001A

Slot 1 Star Card: 3203DC1A 001B

Slot 1 Fool Card: 3203DC1A 001C

Slot 1 Dark Card: 3203DC1A 001D

Slot 1 Silver Coin: 3203DC1A 001E

Slot 1 (Circle) Key3203DC1A 001F

Slot 1 (Triangle) Key: 3203DC1A 0020

Slot 1 (Square) Key: 3203DC1A 0021

Slot 1 X Key: 3203DC1A 0022

Slot 1 Sol Emblem: 3203DC1A 0023

Slot 1 Luna Emblem: 3203DC1A 0024

Slot 1 Flame Emblem: 3203DC1A 0025

Slot 1 Frost Emblem: 3203DC1A 0026

Slot 1 Cloud Emblem: 3203DC1A 0027

Slot 1 Earth Emblem: 3203DC1A 0028

Slot 1 Dark Emblem: 3203DC1A 0029