Beyblade G-Revolution Controller Layout & Button Combos

This page contains the Controller Layout and button combos for Beyblade G-Revolution, a game for Gameboy Advance. If you're looking for the controls so you can play this game then this page has all of the information you need!



D-Pad: Move character
A button: Launch Beyblade / Confirm action
B button: Cancel action
L button: Change camera angle
R button: Hold to charge up Bit-Beast attack
Start button: Pause game
Select button: Not used in-game


During Beyblade battles, the controls change slightly:

A button: Charge Beyblade / Release Bit-Beast / Confirm menu selection
B button: Release Beyblade / Cancel menu selection
L button: Not used
R button: Not used
D-Pad: Move Beyblade around the arena



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