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Army Men Advance Guides and Walkthroughs

Army Men Advance is a top-down shooter video game developed by DC Studios and published by The 3DO Company only for Game Boy Advance handheld console. Much like Army Men: Sarge's Heroes, the story has General Plastro and his army of tan figurines have decided to take over the world and it is up to Sarge and reporter Vikki Grimm to stop his conquest.

Throughout the game, the player is required to rescue team members, infiltrate tan bases, escape from a jail, investigate an extraterrestrial presence, and retrieve communications equipment. The player can choose to play as either Sarge or Vikki, but the quests for each are virtually identical and once a character has been chosen it is impossible to switch to the other unless the player wants to start again from the first mission.

Army Men Advance Title Screen


Army Men Advance CodeBreaker Codes (USA)

Army Men Advance Gameshark Codes (USA)







Army Men Advance Controller Layout & Button Combos