Every Code I Try Doesn't Work - WTF??

Are you having trouble getting any code in the GBA section to work on this website and other websites too? You know 100% sure you're putting them in right and they're just not working for you? Believe it or not, you're not alone! Game Boy Advance has a lot of fan edited ROMs (rom hacks) floating around the internet, if you've downloaded your game illegally there's a chance you're using a fan edit and not the real copy.

Check the name of the ROM file that you have and see if it has something at the end of it in parentheses. Ones I have seen people use before are... (Havoc) (Venom) (Squirrels) and the list goes on. These aren't the official releases of the game and it's very likely that all of the codes you find on this website will not work for these types of games.

Official releases of the game have (USA) or (USA, Australia) or (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Is) or some varation of that. Typically at the top of each page of codes, I have in parentheses what region the game comes from so you can make sure you have the correct one.


This is an example of one of the hacked ROMS that I don't support/do not have codes for. Please use an official release of the game if you wish to use the codes on this website.


To give you an example of what the Official Releases will look like, here's some of them that I have zipped. As you can see the only thing they have after the name is (USA) or some variation of that. If your games show something different (or nothing at all) at the end they're likely to be fan edit/rom hacked versions.


Tip: If you do have a rom hack and you have no choice but to use that version of the game, I recommend you google specifically for that version and maybe you'll get lucky and find some codes. What I mean is, say your game is Pokemon Fire Red (Fan Edit). Google, Pokemon Fire Red (Fan Edit) and maybe you'll uncover some codes for yourself.

Otherwise, please support the official release and purchase a cart off Amazon or Ebay.