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Human 6-9 Combe

1) Now that you're out of the instance turn in your quest to Jon Brackenbrook and accept the followup. Collect the other quests in town then head south out of town to Edward Carver and accept his quest.

2) Continue south to Dirk Mudbrick's body. Right click it to bury it. After you do that head east of his farm and kill Diseased Bristlehides. (Kill them as you work your way south to Wil Wheatley's Body) Bury his body then head southwest to the toolbox for "Builder Earur".

3) At the cart you'll see a Mad Bristlehide, Kill it then loot the toolbox right behind it. After you're done head east to Sprigley's Farm.

4) At Sprigley's Farm you need to collect his Strongbox, Seedbag and his Bow. Sprigley's Bow is on the Dead Farmhand.

5) From Sprigley's Farm head northeast to the Hunting Lodge. Kill Diseased Bristlehides on your way. Once you reach the Hunting Lodge bury Nate Whisperwood's body. After you bury his body return to Archet and refresh your quests in town.

6) Head east from archet into the Old East Path. Bali's corpse is almost in the center of the path. After you find his corpse and inspect it accept the followup quest. Enter the cave right behind him. Inside the cave you'll find cocoons scattered all over the place. Open them to recieve the missing journal pages. Once you have all of the missing Journal pages return to Archet and refresh your quest.

7) Head south out of Archet and down to Combe. Once you're in Combe grab all of the quests and refresh them in town as well. (Best way i can explain this is when you're standing in town make sure there are no rings on your mini map.) Then head east out of Combe to Roderick Carver and complete your quest. After that head further east to Constable Wren. Refresh your quests then head southeast.

8) Down by the lake you'll come to a lot of stumps. Run into the "Stump Yard" and your quest will update. Run over to each of the 3 glowing stumps and dig to find the Pick Axe. Once you have that head northeast to the Combe Lumber Yard. Once you arrive at the lumber yard grab all of the quests and turn in any you might have.

9) Continue following the path east from the lumberyard and you'll run into Filbert Burrows. Continue your quest at him and then head north to the Wolf Den.

10) Here you'll want to kill 15 wolves for "Den of Wolves". After you kill all 15 of the wolves continue east through the wood.

11) You'll come to a camp with a few bandits and packs sitting around it. Kill the bandits then loot the pack that is lying on the ground to complete your Epic quest. Also while you're in this area kill the Bandits until one of them drops the Fishing rod that you need. Run to the otherside of the bandit camp (The one you didn't come from) and follow the path southeast. You'll see a farm off in in the distance, keep running towards it until there is a large hill on your left.

12) Once you see that hill follow one of the two paths up onto it. Kill the Bandits here for Sally's Chain and kill the Blackwold Supervisor for Rurik's Receipt. After you have the receipt head west to the first campfire you come to. You'll see the Blackwold Lockpox blinking in the camp. Clear the camp and loot the Lockbox. After you have the Lockbox head north to the ruins

13) At the ruins you'll want to talk to Covell Woodwright and continue your quest. Beat him in a fight then head far northeast to the other set of ruins. You can dodge the majority of the Blackwold, at the very top you'll find Cole Sickleleaf, who you have to kill to Vanquish brave Filbert's Hankie! Once you've saved the hankie from immediate death return to Filbert and give him his prized possession.

14) After you've given Filbert his hankie head further west to the Combe Lumber Yard. Turn in your quests then continue west to Constable Wren. Continue your quest and head further down into town. Turn in and accept all of the new quests in town.

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