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Human 1-6 Archet

1) Once you get out of the tutorial accept the quest from Mundo Sackville-Baggins who is right in front of you. Then head south of him to Amdir. With new quest in hand head into The Mad Badger Inn a tad south of Amdir.

2) Inside refresh your quest at Captain Brackenbrook then exit the Inn again and speak with Amdir. Refresh your quest and talk to your classes trainer.Train anything at the class trainer and accept his quest. You'll be required to use your newly trained skill on a nearby target dummy. Do this and return to your trainer. Refresh the quest and head over to Amdir.

3) Right next to Amdir a quest will pop up from Celandine Brandybuck. Accept her quest then head southwest out of Archet.

4) Head over to Dirk Mudbrick and refresh your quest. After you do that head east of Dirk and kill 6 Wolves.

5) After you kill 6 wolves head further south to Bronwe's Folly and collect 4 Kingsfoil Leaves. They're scattered amongst the ruins, once you have all 4 return to Dirk and refresh your quest.

6) After you talk to Dirk and refresh your quest head south and kill a Blackwold Spy. They're always found around trees. After you kill him loot him for the Blackwold order, then return to Dirk and continue your quest. Return to town and turn in your quest to Celandine, grab the quest from Peg Pruner and refresh your quest at Captain Brackenbrook. Exit the building.

7) Once you're back outside head east to the Archet Jailyard and into the Archet Jail. Accept the quest from Jed Pruner inside then exit the jail. Head south like you're going out of town and accept the quest from Constable Thistlewool.

8) Head southeast to Sprigley's Farm killing Bristlehide Piglets on your way to complete "Fresh Supplies" (Be sure to kill all the Piglets, you may have to wander around for some of them, but do it so you don't have to worry about it later).

9) Once you reach Sprigley's farm refresh your quest at Cal Sprigley.

10) After you refresh your quest at Cal Sprigley head northwest to Bloodtusk and slay him. After you do that return to Cal Sprigley and turn in your quest. Now head Northeast towards the Hunting Lodge.

11) At the lake around the Hunting Lodge collect 4 Bilberry Bushes. Once you have all 4 head north to the Hunting Lodge. Accept the two quests outside then enter the Hunting Lodge and refresh your quest inside.

12) Head back outside of the Hunting Lodge and grab the quest from Fenton Marshley if you haven't already. Kill 8 Marsh-Flys around the lake; then head northwest of the Hunting Lodge to the Old East Path.

Note: On the island in the center of the lake is the Marsh Fly Queen. She will drop Marsh-Fly Queen Husk which will start a quest that gets turned in at the Hunter's Lodge.

13) Kill 5 Spiders on this path and find the Missing Hunter who is at the end of the pass, closer to Archet. After you find him return to the Hunting Lodge and turn in your quest. From the Hunting Lodge head south to Blackwold's Roost.

14) Here you need to kill 6 Bandits and collect Ann Granger's Satchel. The Satchel can be found at (26.8S, 46.4W). Once you're done your two quests return to the Hunting Lodge and turn them in. (Hold off on accepting the folllowup from Jon) and return to Archet. Turn in your three quests in Archet then return to the Hunting Lodge and accept the quest from Jon.

Human Archet Instance 6-6

1) When you enter the instance, you'll find yourself in the pass where you had to kill the spiders. This time you have to clear the Blackwolds from it on your way to Archet. Once you reach Archet kill the person who is kicking Ned and refresh your quest. Then head through the gate that opens and refresh your quest at Amdir.

2) Turn around and grab water from the well, and run over to where Amdir is laying to throw it on the fire. After you put out the fire go through the quick scene and "almost" kill Eogan, talk to the Hobbit then another scene will happen and talk to Celandine to travel to the destroyed Archet.





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