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Elf 6-8 Celondim and Duillond

1) Once you re-enter the gameworld run forward and refresh your quest at Eilian. After you do that head north to Celondim.

2) On your way to Celondim stop at Mibrethil and accept his quest. Continue down towards Celondim and circle around the large building on your right to accept the quest from Toronn.

3) Continue into Celondim and refresh your quest at Cardavor who is right next to the milestone. Continue north and accept all of the quests on the rise (Look at my minimap, all the quest givers are in the blue ring.) Once you have all of these quests run north and take the southern path back south.

4) Following the path straight you'll run into Gwaloth. Refresh your quest then head up the set of stairs and further west. Grab the quest from Guleneth and then head north out of town.

5) Talk to Athal to the north and continue your quest. Turn around and return to Celondim and head down to the docks. Refresh your quest at Cardavor and head northwest out of town to Tham Gelair.

6) Here you need to kill 6 creatures that inhabit the ruins and place Thinglaer's coin on the Stone Table here.

7) Once you're done both of those things head to the eastern potion of the ruins and grab Avorthal's Satchel. After you've done that return to town and refresh both of your quests. Now from town head northwest but this time cross over the bridge and head directly west after crossing the bridge. You'll end up in Limael's Vineyard.

8) At the Vineyard you have to kill 6 Goblins, Pampraush, Collect 6 Wine-flasks and pick 6 Grape Clusters. Pamparaush is at the northern part of the Vineyards near the house. Once you're done your quests use your Map Home to return to Celondim. Back in town refresh your quests, also continue "Need of a Cask" at Bregedur. Now head southwest of Celondim to Nen Hilith.

9) Once you're here search the Piles of Lumber for 5 pieces of Cask building Wood. Once you get all 5 die to quickly return to town. Continue your quest at Bregedur then head down to Brethilwen and refresh your quest. After you've done that head north to Duillond.

10)Once you arrive at Duillond set your Map Home here (Milestone is next to the Stable Master). Just north of the Milestone is Calengil. Turn in your quest to him and one will pop up from Badennas just west of him. Grab her quest then head to the eastern portion of town and refresh your quests at everyone along the way. Once you've completed everything head north out of town.

You should have:
Cleansing Draught
Leaving Middle-Earth
Building the Duillond Homestead
The Emissary

11) Down near the river to the north of town you'll find the Damp Fragment Herbs that you need for Cleansing Draught. Once you have all of them head northwest.

12) If you continue northwest you'll come to a tree with Fallen leaves under it for Leaving Middle-Earth. (22.8S, 94.4W) Is the location of the leaves. Once you complete the quest return to Duillond and refresh your quest at Calengil. Hop on a horse to Celondim and head down to Toronn (Who's by the docks if you forget.) Refresh your quest then buy a horsey back to Duillond. When you're back at Duillond head west to Dol Ringwest.

13) At Dol Ringwest you need to find the first tower, the second and the broken sword. At each tower you have to use the Cleansing Draught in your inventory to "find" it. Once you're done here use your Map Home to return to Duillond. Turn in your quests in town then hop on a horse down to Celondim. At Celondim hop on a horse to West Bree.

14) Once you arrive at West Bree Hit "M" and Run to Combe.

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