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Elf Combe & Staddle 10 - 12

1) From town head east to the Lumber Camp. At the Lumber Camp refresh your quest at Mason Thorne. After you've refreshed your quest at him, head northeast from the Lumber Camp to the Blackwold Headquaters.

2) It's the Same place you attacked Covell Woodright. Sergeant Applewood is in the northwestern portion of the ruins. After you kill him leave the ruins and head back to the area with the two Campfires.

3) Kill a Blackwood Sergeant for Mason Thorne's Ledger. Once you have that head south into Midgewater Marsh and to the ruins in the center of it.

4) At the ruins in the center of Midgewater Marsh loot the Blackwold Strongbox. Also examine the Altar right near the Strongbox. Once you're done that return to the Lumberyard and refresh your quest. From the Lumberyard head back to the Stump Field.

5) In the Stump Field, dig near the stump that is all shiny and stuff to find Pickthorn's Boots. Once you have those boots return to Combe and turn in your quests.

6) Now from Combe head south towards Staddle. On your way down to Staddle you'll come to Lolo Wendingway. Turn in your quest to Lolo and ignore the followup, it sucks. Continue south to Staddle, once you arrive in town accept all of the quests. This is the center of Staddle, so to speak. Once you have all of these quests head super far east to the end of Staddle.

7) Over here you'll find Eldo Swatmidge. He has a quest available for you and a quest for you to continue. Do both then head southwest to Asphodel Froghorn.

8) Once you reach Asphodel Froghorn refresh your quest. Then head a tad west of her to her pipeweed farm. Grab a pipeweed then return to Asphodel and continue your quest. Return to Eldo and refresh your quest. Now from Aldo head southwest to Constable Bolger.

9) Once you reach Constable Bolger refresh your quest. Now head back northwest of Constable Bolger's farm to Granny Boggs farm.

10) Once you reach Granny Boggs farm turn in your quest and accept the new one. From Granny Boggs farm head southwest to Falco Greenhands farm.

11) Once you arrive at Falco Greenhands farm continue your quest. With the new quest in hand head back to Granny Boggs and refresh your quest. Now for a really annoying quest to talk to people of Staddle. Head east of Granny Boggs farm to Lily Underhill.

12) Continue your quest at Lily and then return west to Granny Boggs' Farm. Refresh your quest then return to Lily and continue your quest. Now head south of lily to the forest. You've got a lot that needs to be done down here.

13) Down here you need to collect 6 Red Lilys, kill 6 Bears and kill 10 Diseased Bristlehides. The Bristlehides and bears can be found all over. The Red Lilys however only grow around trees.

14) Once you've completed those 3 quests head south to the ruins of Ost Baranor. Inside these ruins you'll find the Barrel of Stolen Pipe-weed. Loot it then exit the ruins and head northeast to Midgewater Marsh.

15) Here you need to kill 8 Dun Neeker-Breekers and Collect 3 Fernel Seeds from the Neeker-Breekers. While killing the Neeker-Breekers head to the Sunken Stone Runes and kill 3 Goblins. After you've completed these two quests and killed the 3 goblins at the Sunken Stone Ruins head far east to the Goblinhole Ruins.

16) At the Goblinhole ruins you need to kill 3 Goblins as well. Once you're done your quest return to Staddle and start turning in and refreshing your quests working your way west towards the center of town.

Here is a quick list of what you need to do with your quests;

Continue "Ailing Hound" at Eldo Swatmidge.
Continue "Lily's Secret" at Lily Underhill.
Continue "Quality and Character" at Asphodel Froghorn.
Turn in "Quality and Character" at Eldo Swatmidge.
Accept "Farmer's Market" at Eldo Swatmidge.
Return to Aspodel Froghorn and Continue "Farmer's Market"
Turn in "Lily's Secret" at Granny Boggs
Accept "Falco's Garden" at Granny Boggs
Continue "Falco's Garden" at Falco Greenhand.

Head west into Staddle. Refresh your quest supply in town and don't forget to talk to Gar, the little doggy. After you've done that in town head back east towards staddle.

Complete "Farmer's Market" at Asphodel Froghorn
Accept "Wanetta the Wedge" at Asphodel Froghorn
Complete "Unwell Water" at Lily Underhill.
Accept "The Wise Woman" from Lily Underhill.
Continue "Wanetta the Wedge" at Eldo Swatmidge.
Return to Asphodel Froghorn and Continue "Wanetta the Wedge".
Return to Eldo Swatmidge and complete "Wanetta the Wedge"

17) Alright now that, that hell is over it's time to get back to killing things. Well, not quite yet but almost! Head to Constable Bolger and continue your quest. Protect him from the waves of bandits that attack. It's hard to do alone and if you fail you have to go back to Granny Boggs and reaccept the quest, then go to falco to continue it then return to Constable Bolger and try again. This will be much easier if you can find someone to help you with it. Once you complete it return to Falco and turn in your quest.

18) From Falco head far east to Midgewater Marsh. Head back to the center of the ruins where you collected the Blackwold Strongbox before and kill 4 Marsh Spiders, 6 Brood-watchers and the Marsh Queen. After you kill all the spiders that you need head southeast to the Goblinhole Ruins.

19) Here you need to kill 8 Midgewater Sappers. After you've killed all 8 sappers return to Staddle and refresh your quest.

20) In Staddle you'll see a blinking well. Right click on the well to collect the water and run far southeast to Willowsong. When you reach Willowsong you'll automatically deliver the water.

21) Refresh your quest at Willowsong then head south to The Yellow Tree. Collect 6 Wildflowers around the base of the tree. Once you have all 6 return to Willowsong and refresh your quest. Don't pick up the bucket yet, first head far east towards the Goblinhole ruins.

22) Stop by Roderick Neeker-Friend on the way. Grab "Neeker-Friend" from him and kill 4 Greater Sickle-flies for sickle-fly wings. Once you have 4 return to Roderick and turn in your quest. Use the key he gave you on the chest to his right (Would be to your left if you're looking at him like the screenshot).

23) Once you reach the Goblinhole ruins its time to get down to buisiness. Kill both Gurstaz and Gurzrum. After you've killed both of them return to Willowsong who you left hanging at the well. Now grab the bucket and run it back to Staddle. Once you're back in staddle stand right next to the well to deliver the water.

24) Refresh your quest in Staddle then head northwest to Bree. Once you're in bree turn in your quest at Second-Watcher Heathstraw then head to the western portion of Bree to the Stable Master. Hop on a horse back to Celondim.

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