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Dwarf 6 - 7 Frerin's Court

1) Once you complete the instance you'll end up at Thorin's Gates. Turn in your quest at Skogi and accept the followup. Also accept all of the other quests in the area, look at the rings on your mini map to see where they are. Once you have all of the quests head north into Thorin's Hall.

2) Once you're inside of Thorin's Hall run down the stairs and refresh your quest at Unnarr. Just northeast of Unnarr is Bavor, accept his quest as well. Once you have both of your quests head north into the main portion of town and find your trainer and train your new skills.

3) Once you've trained your new skills head east to Egil Oldbeard and turn in your quest. After you've turned in your quest at Egil head south out of Thorin's Hall and down to Frerin's Court. At Frerin's Court accept all of the quests, Once you have all of the quests head east to Rock Belly Pit. (Where you had to Collect the Mushrooms before).

4) Inside of the pit you need to collect 5 Sand, The First Gear, Flosi's Pick-axe and kill 8 Cave-claws. The sand is scattered all over the cave, The First Gear is in a chest at the bottom of the cave and Flosi's Pick-axe is on the level right above the bottom level. After you do everything in this cave use your Map Home to return to Frerin's Court. Head up the stairs towards Thorin's Hall and turn in your quest to Flosi then head west towards Mirkstone Tunnels.

5) While going up Axe-head path you'll see the Arming Cave to the right (And a ring on your mini map that you can't miss). Enter the Arming Cave and continue your quest at Vitharr. Exit the Arming Cave and continue up the path to the Mirkstone Tunnels.

6) Inside of Mirkstone Tunnels you'll want to collect 5 Stones and 5 Gypsum. Once you have 5 of each exit the tunnels and head east back to Frerin's Court. Refresh your quest at Tindr in Frerin's Court and continue into Thorin's Halls. Inside refresh your quest at Guard Captain Unnarr and Bovar.

7) After you refresh your quests at Bovar and Unnarr head to the Merchant Quater to the Northwest in Thorin's Hall. Down under the Quater itself you'll find water coming through holes in the wall, you have to right click right in the center where this water is coming out to use Tindr's Mortar to seal it.

8) After you've sealed up 3 of the Breaches return to Frerin's Court. Refresh your quest at Tindr and then head northeast to the Silver Deep Mine. In the back of the mine near the troll you'll find a dwarf body crushed by a stone. Collect the hilt on the dwarfs body then return to Unnarr with what you've found.

9) After you've turned in your quest to Unnarr head to the far northern portion of the center of town and refresh your quest at Dwalin. Exit Thorin's Hall and return to Frerin's Court. Continue through Frerin's Court down into the southern portion of Ered Luin. Ignore the two quests on your way down the path to the Vale of Thrain. Follow the path all the way down until you get to Noglond.

Dwarf Noglond 7 - 9

10) Once you arrive in Noglond accept all of the quests and turn in any you might have. Head south out of town to the bridge. Run under the bridge and your quest will update. Destroy 8 Thickets here.

11) After you've destroyed 8 thickets kill 4 Hendrevails and 5 Vale Wildcats. After you've killed these head to Vifill (He could be in any direction from you, just look at my map and coords that I give you to find him.

12) Once you arrive at Vifill continue your quest. From Vifill head far northwest to Nos Grimsong. Kill 4 bears on your way to Nos.

13) Once you reach Nos Grimsong continue your quest. Defend Nos against the waves of Lynx's that attack him. After you successfully defend him he'll give you notes for Dwalin. Start heading back towards town, On your way back to town find and kill 3 Vale Prowlers. They're sneaky little bastards and are stealthed. So you have to look closly for them.

14) Back in Noglond refresh your quests. Head west of Noglond to the old ruins and kill Goblins until one drops a Fetish. From Noglond head southeast to Gondamon. Grab the Horsey Path and take a ride back to Thorin's Gate.

15) Once you're at Thorin's Gate return to Dwalin in Thorin's Hall. Refresh your quest then head back out to the Stable Master and ride towards Gondamon. Click "Dismount" when you're riding past Noglond to dismount right where you need to be. How conveient! Refresh your quest at Rothgar in town and head west to the old Dwarven City.

16) In the old Dwarven City you need to head up the stair cases until you reach the top floor. (It's easily noticeable). Up here you need to kill the Dourhand Burglar for the Stolen Longbeard Gold. Once you have the gold return to Noglond and refresh your quest. Now with your new quest head to Gondamon and refresh your quest at Mathi. He's at the top of Gondamon.

17) After you've done that take the Horse back to Thorin's Gate and when you arrive take the horse to West Bree.

18) Once you arrive at West Bree Hit "M" and Run to Combe.

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