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Guild Wars 2 WvW Guides (Commander)

Being a Commander in Guild Wars 2 isn't all about flaunting your ego and showing everyone how much gold you have. In fact if you think being a Commander is only about these two things you're going to be gravely disappointed once you acquire that saught after tag. As a Commander in Gw2 you're going to have to lead your little zerglings (the other players) through thick and thin. And not only that, you're going to have to earn their trust and respect.

Your first day as a Commander you're most likely going to be questioned with every single action. Don't worry, it's not just you they do it too. They question everyone and argue with everyone's opinion because that's what the Internet is all about. Now, before I go into detail about what makes an awesome Commander, first let's take a look at how you can even tell the difference between a Commander and a normal every-day player. Below are two screenshots, the first one is of me and my Commander tag. It is hard to see the tag since my character's arrow is right over it.

However there is a second screenshot showing one of the NPC Commanders. His tag is very easy to see and it will get you used to knowing what to look for.

In order to buy the Commander tag you will need 100g and to visit your World's Borderlands where you will find the Master Strategist NPC whom will sell you the book to become a Commander. Below is a picture of the Master Strategist. Click to enlarge the picture if you are having trouble viewing it.

Keep in mind you will only be able to 'pop' or use your Commander tag on the character you purchase it on. You won't be able to buy it on your level 80 Guardian and then use it on your level 80 Thief or vice versa. The character you buy and use it on is the only character you will ever be able to pop it on. Unless of course you buy another Commander book for 100g and train it on another character. That can get quite pricey though so be sure you choose what character you want to be a Commander with the first time.

Now once you buy the Commander tag there is one question that is extremely commonly asked. You'd think since so many people have this same question by now they would have put an easy answer into the game...

'How do I activate my Commander tag?'

In order to activate your Commander tag you will need to go to the party frame in the upper left hand side of your screen and left click on the arrow. This will bring out your party frame and window where you will find a button to Invite, Join and leave a party as well as an area just under that says 'Not in a squad'. What you need to do here is click 'Create' after doing that your Commander tag will pop right up!

That's all there is to activating and acquiring your Commander tag!