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Charged Lodestone Farming Guide


There are three different locations in the game for players to farm Charged Lodestones. Two of these locations are in Cursed Shore and one is in Malchor's Leap at the Cathedral of Zephyrs; both are only available when your server has control of The Cathedral of Zephyrs in Malchor's Leap. The Sparks which you'll be killing for a chance at the Charged Lodestones spawn in two different locations of Cursed Shore. One of these locations is far to the north above Caer Shadowfen Waypoint and another location is just west of Arah Waypoint. Both of these locations can be found below.

Keep in mind all Lodestones can be farmed in WvW zones, however I will not go over their locations in these guides as ganking will be a large factor when it comes to farming in WvW related zones. And who wants to deal with ganking when you can farm without it?

Now if you don't know much about Charged Lodestones, they are used in making some of the more popular legendary weapons in the game, hence their higher price than most other Lodestones. While I can't give you an exact price since they're always changing I can tell you that this has been the highest selling Lodestone of them all since forever and also is still going up in price. You can track Charged Lodestone prices via the tool they have on Gw2db.

First let's take a look at their farming location in southern Cursed Shore - just west of Arah Waypoint. From the Waypoint you will want to head down the first flight of stairs to your west and as long as your server owns the The Cathedral of Zephyrs aforementioned the Sparks will be here.

Sparks by Arah

Charged Lodestone Farming by Arah Video

This location has a much higher spawn rate and spawn amount than the next one I am going to get into but since it is by Arah has people here more often during peak hours. That of course usually isn't a bad thing if you're able to get some attacks in on the mob before it dies because then you'll get loot too. However if a player is on the opposite end of the area he'll kill the Spark before you can even get any attacks in thus giving you one less Spark to kill and a wee bit less loot.

Luckily, you can turn that frown upside down! The next location is just north of Caer Shadowfen and while it has roughly the same amount of Sparks they're all condensed to one location which means you'll actually be running out of Sparks to kill and be forced to wait for respawns. Which is why my video of this location is broken up into multiple parts. Now this location has people that usually come here as well. They don't stay for long in my experience, usually killing a few inbetween Plinx runs or something like that.

Below is a picture of the Spark's exact location above Caer Shadowfen.

Charged Lodestone Farming Location

There isn't much else that comes to mind for these farming locations. Although I will say, don't worry if you don't find a Charged Lodestone every single hour. While it is quite common to find one an hour you'll be getting a ton of other loot here to hold you over even if you don't. Even if you don't get any rare items you'll still be finding Opal Crystals and Opal Shards which sell for quite a bit on the Auction House. Of course you'll also get stuff like random Gray items to vendor, Whites to salvage and Blues/Greens to vendor too.

Also at the Caer Shadowfen Sparks you'll get Heavy Moldy Bags, or have a chance too whenever you kill a Risen mob in the area.





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