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Malchor's Leap Eastern Farming Route

Eastern Malchor's Leap is one of the best farming areas for gathering that I have found for higher level players. To get started you will want to port in at Pagga's Waypoint in the southeastern end of the zone. From here you can usualy see a node or two from the camp itself, usually Mithril and Elder Wood Logs. From Pragga's Waypoint you will want to run to the west and grab the large amount of Elder Wood Logs near the river.

It will be a bit tricky getting to this area without getting beat up especially if you have pretty crappy gear. Since the mobs in this area are level 79 and the zone lowers you down to 77 (making the mobs higher level than you no matter what level you are) it's important that you take it slow when reaching the nodes in this area. If you run in there guns blazing you're going to get killed fast.

Now, back to the Elder Wood Logs that are in this area. What you will want to do is skirt the back area of the broken stone pillar and avoid the veteran mob on the otherside. As long as you don't expose your body around the side of the stone pillar the veteran mob will not agro you. After you collect the stuff over here you will want to move through the central area of my map (follow my blue line) gathering all of the stuff you find. It is very common to get Orrian Truffles, Ghost Peppers, Omnom Berries, Elder Wood Logs, Mithril Ore here.

After you finish this little path you have two options, go north through the water (only if you see Mithril in the water or something else worth gathering). If there is some goodies in the drink hop in and gather up everything you come across before wrapping around to the north where you can sometimes find even more goodies. (continued in the picture below)

Malchor's Leap Eastern Farming Route

This is the last little part of the eastern end of Malchor's Leap I recommend gathering stuff at. You can either just run straight through Pyrite Peninsula and gather whatever you see here or wrap around the northern end of the area where you will find some Mithril along the cliff line. If you follow my blue line in the picture below you'll only run into a few Inquest mobs, otherwise there really is nothing that will engage you when you're trying to gather stuff.

That's pretty much all there is to gathering in eastern Malchor's Leap. You can hop in on any event you come across here, most of them are fun and worth doing (usually they're short and rewarding).

Malchor's Leap Eastern Farming Route





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