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Northern Cursed Shore Farming Route

While Northern Cursed Shore might not have many of the big named node spawns (Ancient Wood, Orichalcum) it certainly has a lot of the normal ones! Starting up at the top of the zone just north of the Caer Shadowfain Waypoint there are two Mithril Nodes to grab. Further east of that, two more Mithril nodes. Both of these are guarded by maybe one mob tops (or rather require you to kill 1 mob tops to get too). They're really just that easy to reach.

After you get them follow my blue line and wrap around the northern section grabbing the Elder Wood Logs and Ghost Pepper or whatever other Chef gathering nodes are there. Go back in the direction you came and wrap around until you reach Penitent Waypoint just south of your previous waypoint. If it is your first time in the area you will probably notice a lot of people standing here and you're probably wondering what the hell is going on. This area is commonly farmed, I go into more detail in my Cursed Shore Events Farming Guide.

Once you finish up here you will want to port to R & D Waypoint or Gavbeorn's Waypoint. Try and port to R & D Waypoint but if you can't port to Gavbeorn's. Follow my map with whichever you take (below). I'll start with Gavbeorn's since that one is so simple. Once you port in run north, grab whatever nodes you can without dying and wrap around the northern end to R & D.

At R & D Waypoint you will want to go just very slightly north for the Mithril Ore. After that head south for the Omnom Berry nodes as well as the Orrian Truffle nodes. You'll find a lot of Elder Wood Logs and some Mithril Ore but the Omnom Berries and Orrian Truffles are what will be making you the most money.

Northern Cursed Shore Farming Route





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