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Central Cursed Shore Farming Route

The central area of Cursed Shore is a hotspot for gathering nodes. All over this area you're going to find gathering nodes each and every one of them worth some money. You'll want to port in at Verdance Waypoint in the center of the area. From here grab the Mithril Nodes in the area. The rich will spawn once a day but the normal Mithril will be up hourly like everything else. After you get your Mithril Ore run south around the weird pillar thing with the Earth Golems to grab two more Mithril Nodes on the opposite end.

After you get them swim across the water and start picking up all the Saffron Threads, Ghost Pepper and Elder Wood Logs. Most of the mobs can beat on you while you collect everything, they won't knock you down or interrupt you most of the time. If you need to kill them, more loot for you! After you get all of the nodes on the coast continue south to the Skill Point area where you'll get two nodes of Omnom Berries and a node of Ghost Pepper.

From here you'll want to continue east to Jofast's Waypoint. Grab the Orrian Truffles on the way here and any more Elder Wood Logs you come across. Here you can participate in the event or head up north to the two very commonly run events and do them. If not you'll want to port to R & D Waypoint to the north and run a wee bit north for the Mithril deposit and then continue south for the Omnom Berries and Orrian Truffles. After that the only other really good node to get is the Ancient Wood Logs up the coast from Gavbeorn's Waypoint but the fish event here is a pain in the rear to run through.

Central Cursed Shore Farming Route





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