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Path of Exile Getting Started Guide

Path of Exile is a tricky game to grasp when you're first starting out. It has a very steep learning curve and no Tutorial to get you into the game. At least at the time I am typing this guide it does not. However that helps people like me, who write guides, to thrive on providing you information! Before jumping into the game I recommend you read this page over, it will provide you with links to other guides and help you start your baby steps into the game.

When you first start playing the game you will want to pick up all the White, Blue and Yellow items you come across. There is no hard monetary system in the game, all items are purchased with other items and any items you have to sell are sold for other items. Most of the white items you sell are turned into Scroll Fragments which when you stack 5 of them together turn into a Scroll of Wisdom which then can be used to Identify your higher quality loot.

Most of the Blue and Yellow items you sell are turned in Orbs of Alteration (or the items you need to create the orbs) and so on and so forth. The list goes on depending on exactly the type of items you're selling. For a long list of all the Currency items used in Path of Exile I strongly urge you to check out the official website's PoE Loot List.

It's important that you stock up on Scrolls of Wisdom early on since they are used the most out of any scroll and you can also use them to purchase Portal Scrolls which will bring you back to town where you can sell your loot. So for at least the beginning of the game, we're going to call the Scrolls of Wisdom our main currency and the most important item(s) you can get. If you are short on Scrolls of Wisdom I have a guide on how to farm up quite a bit of them early on in the game.

Scrolls of Wisdom Farming Guide

Aside from Scrolls of Wisdom you're going to want to keep an eye out for a few more items. Specifically up until level 10 you will want to loot almost all the blue items that drop, especially the ones that could be useful to you. After you get a full set of blue items (at least) we will turn our eyes more to the Rare items that drop. You will also want to pick up all of the Armourer's Scraps and Blacksmith's Whetstones that you come across. Both of these play an important role in improving your character's items.

Although I definitely would recommend saving the two aforementioned items until you get a really good item that is worth improving instead of just wasting them on gear you're almost positive you're going to throw away soon. Before I get to Gems and the like I also want to bring to your attention a few items that will also really helps you get some rare gear early(ier) on in the game.

Orb of Chance - Upgrades a Normal Item (White) to a random rarity. (This will give you a chance to make a crappy white item into something good)

Orb of Alchemy - Upgrades a Normal Item (White) to a Rare Item. (This is how I got a full set of Rares by the time I started Act 2. Pick a high(er) level White item and make sure it is something you can use; such as caster gear for a Witch (Velvet Gloves/Slippers I.E) Chainmail gear for STR classes etc etc).

Regal Orb - Upgrades a Magic Item (Blue) to a Rare Item. (If you read the aforementioned two orbs than you should know exactly how this one works already).

Those are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to helpful items you can find through the world. You of course won't be seeing all of those items before level 10 but by the time you finish Act 2 as long as you take your time and don't end up skipping a lot of content you will most definitely find at least a few of the aforementioned items. So aside from the items required to upgrade your gear and improve your character the other things you will want to keep an eye out for are Gems.

Gems are the main way to get different skills and abilities for your Character's in Path of Exile. Gems are a lot like Materia from FF7. They work almost the same exact way. They are leveled up via gaining experience and the better they get the better the skills the Gems are tied to become. I have an excellent video guide covering how Gems and the Passive Skill system work in Path of Exile and I strongly recommend you check that out for information.

Path of Exile Video Guide: The Skill/Passive Skill System

That about covers most of the Path of Exile Basics. There are some other things that I left out which you can fill in as you go, after all if I taught you everything about the game on this page, what fun would there be left for you?! Incase I add or want to add any guides to this page in the future below are links that you can find/use to learn more about the game. Good Luck on your quest through the game!

Path of Exile Trading Items for Dummies

Path of Exile Currency Items for Dummies

Path of Exile Gems System (How they work)

What Class Should I Play in Path of Exile?





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