Path of Exile The Ledge & Rocky Climb Farming Guide

The Ledge is one of the first farming locations players will come across in Path of Exile. This is a great location to farm for a few different reasons, the first of these reasons being it gives great experience and also has a good chance for many different rare mobs to spawn throughout the area which means a much better chance to get some good loot. The second reason is because this location is extremely straight forward. The ledge is a straight shot path from start to finish.

Really once you zone into the ledge you can't get lost. As long as you run in the opposite direction from whence you came you will end up at the opposite entrance to The Ledge. The key is to initially enter in from the Waypoint and from there you will run to either the Upper Submerged Passage or to the Rocky Climb. From there you will want to zone into one of those two locations and hold down Ctrl and left click on the Zoneline back into The Ledge. Doing this will allow you to reset the instance and farm the entire zone instead of just half.

If you want to farm the Rocky Climb too, each time you enter that area kill everything and loot up before turning back and heading to The Ledge again. A faster way to do this would be to open a portal once you finish farming The Rocky Climb. Doing this will allow you to port back to town then Ctrl click "The Ledge" from your portals list. Thus putting you back here without having to run through a bunch of stuff you just killed.

I recommend you pick up all of the blue/yellow items you come across while farming with a few exceptions. Leave the blue items that take up entirely too much room such as bows or other items that take up over 4 inventory slots. The secret is to pile as many items as you can into your inventory without leaving too much behind.

Farming in Path of Exile is a lot different than farming in any other game. In this game there is no set in stone monetary system, meaning there is no gold, silver, platinum, copper or actual coin that you will be able to use to buy and sell items with other players. In Path of Exile you will be using items known as Currency Items. These items are commonly used for trading between you and other players as well as trading between you and NPCs.

Currency Items can be acquired one of two ways. The first way is by farming mobs in the game and looting the items that drop. The second way to acquire Currency Items is by trading with NPCs in the game or items between other players. If you would like to learn more about Trading Items with NPCs such as what sells for what and the items you should and should not sell I strongly urge you to check out my Trading Items Guide.

That's about all there is to farming The Ledge. I will be adding a loot list to this page sometime soon!





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