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Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town Power Berry Locations

           As with all Harvest Moons there is an ingame item called a Power Berry that boosts your Stamina and lets you do more before becoming exhausted. This guide will tell you the location of each one and a little bit of information of how to acquire it.

1. Use your hoe to till your farmland. You'll find one by doing this.

2. 10 days in a row you will want to throw items (not garbage) into the Harvest Goddess' Pond by the Spring mine. On the 10th day she will give you a Power Berry.

3. After purchasing every item from the Shopping Network, this Power Berry will be the last item you can buy.

4. You can exchange 900 medals at the Horse Race for a Power Berry.

5. Instead of betting on the Horse Races, this time, when your horse becomes an adult enter him into the races and win a race. Your reward will be a Power Berry.

6. Win the Beach Day festival. You can enter this starting the second year of the game once your dog is matured.

7. Upgrade your fishing rod to Mystrile level or better and fish off of the dock in Winter. If you're lucky you'll catch this berry.

8. Reach the 100th floor in the Spring Mine and use your hoe to dig around and you'll find a Power Berry.

9. Dig on the 19th or lower floor in the Winter Mine.

10. If you walk behind the Winter Mine and examine the area you'll find a Power Berry













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