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How To Setup A Push To Talk Button In Skype

           As of 2017 with the upgraded version of Skype you can no longer make a Push to Talk button; the only way you can use a Push to Talk button is while using Skype Classic. Those of you using the newest version of Skype, the best alternative to prevent having an open mic is by using Ctrl + M to mute your mic when you are done talking each time. For a list of all Skype Keyboard Short cuts go here.

           So to get started click on your Skype Icon and bring up the Skype Window. At the top of the Skype window there will be an option that says 'Tools'. Left click that option and a drop down menu will come up. From here you will want to mouse down to Options where you will be able to continue. A picture of this can be found below.

           From here you will want to look at the left portion of the Skype Window. Down at the very bottom it will say Advanced and show a little Cogwheel. If this layout ever changes still look for the Advanced Option, what we are looking for will remain inside those options. A picture of where we need to go can be found below.

           From here you will want to click on Advanced and a little drop down menu will appear. Left click Hotkeys to bring up a window in the Skype box on the right of the menu selection. Below is a picture of the menu that will come up upon selecting Hotkeys. Click on the picture below to enlarge it if you are getting confused.

Push to Talk

           After you select the Hotkeys option you will see in this area 'Toggle Mute (Push-to-talk)'. Check the box and then click it and select 'Change Selected Shortcut'. In the new window that pops up change the keybind to whatever you feel most comfortable with. In Skype you can only use Shift, Ctrl and Alt.

           Now, this part is the confusing part that will mess some people up. Because after all this is a TOGGLE MUTE. Not a TOGGLE UN-MUTE. After doing this you will need to exit out of your options and call whoever it is you'd like to call or just resume the conversation with your current friend.

           At the bottom of the Skype window you will see an option to Toggle Mute (as showcased in the below picture). Left click this option to mute yourself. Now when you use your Push to talk key, aka the toggle mute key, you will unmute yourself and it will work just like a push to talk works in Ventrilo or other Voice Over Communication Program.

Hope that helps!





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