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How to create Picnic Baskets

Picnic Baskets are one of the more pain in the butt ingredients required for Misty Thicket Picnics. In order to make a Picnic Basket you'll need to raise both your Tailoring and Smithing skills a wee little bit. The Smithing trivial for Steel Boning is 37 and the Picnic Basket Tailoring trivial is 76.


Picnic Basket (Trivial 76)

You need to create both of the items used in crafting a Picnic Basket. I suggest making the Woven Mandrake first (recipe shown below with information on where to buy Mandrake Root) as that'll level up your Tailoring enough to make it so you don't fail with creating the Picnics Baskets.

Steel Boning

Woven Mandrake



Woven Mandrake (Trivial 66)

Mandrake Root x 2