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Conflagrant Reptiles Skin Recipes

Conflagrant Reptile Skin is one of the many different tradeskill items added into the game during the Ring of Scale expansion pack. This item is used to make all leather gear - in other words armor sets for Druids, Monks and Beastlords. In my opinion conflagrant gear is the best non-prestige gear you can get for players 106 - 109.

Are you looking for the silk Tailoring recipes? If you are then head on over to my Conflagrant Raw Silk Recipes page for more information.


Conflagrant Reptile LeatherConflagrant Reptile Leather (423 Trivial)

Once you have all the required items; combine them together in a Loom or Tanaan Loom.

1 Conflagrant Reptile Skin

1 Skinning Knife



All Conflagrant Reptile Skin Recipes:

Feral Lord's Conflagrant Armor

Storm Warden's Conflagrant Armor

Transcendent's Conflagrant Armor











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