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Paeala Bark Tannin Brewing Recipe

Paeala Bark Tannin is used in Tailoring recipes to craft Acrylia Reinforced Gear as well as Acrylia Studded Gear. All in all this recipe is a piece of cake to make, the only item you'll need to go out of your way for is Paeala Bark which is sold at a few different vendors throughout Luclin zones or in the Plane of Knowledge.

Players on live servers, just head over to Brewmaster Berina in Plane of Knowledge for this item. Those of you playing on a TLP server will have to do a bit more running around to find this item. Vendor listings are found below.

Paeala Bark Vendors:

Thariza Spiritis (Dawnshroud Peaks)

Gaerok Rednose (Katta Castellum)

Lander Furthers (Shadow Haven)

Brewer Mikkis or Brewmaster Hizier (Shar Vahl)

Sirekoth Eshe (Plane of Knowledge)



Paela Bark TanninPaeala Bark Tannin (Trivial 102)

Once you have all of the required ingredients, combine them together in a Brewing Barrel.

1 Paeala Bark

1 Water Flask














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