Lava Lizard & Lacertilia Meat Farming Locations

Lacertilia MeatLava Lizard Meat

Lava Lizard Meat and Lacertilia Meat are two of the main Baking tradeskill items that were added during the Ring of Scale expansion pack. Both of these items are used for recipes that count towards 350 Baking as well as being used in some of the best stat food you can get for max level characters - Kunark Meat Pie!

If you would like to learn more about Kunark Meat Pie and how to make it - head over to my Kunark Meat Pie Recipe Walkthrough for more information!


Gorowyn Meat Farming Location
Gorowyn Lava Lizard Meat & Lacertilia Meat Farming Locations.

One thing unique about Gorowyn, the lavalisks in this zone drop both Lava Lizard and Lacertilia Meat. It's similar to the drakes in Skyfire Mountains that also drop both Lava Lizard and Lacertilia Meat, except for the fact that Skyfire Mountains is an extremely annoying zone that I assume many love avoiding.


Skyfire Mountains Meat Farming Location
Skyfire Mountains - good camps for farming Lacertilia/Lava Lizard Meat.