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Uncut Combine Star Tradeskill Recipes for 300 - 350

Uncut Combine Star

           Uncut Combine Star are one of the many different gems added into the game during the Prophecy of Ro expansion and have an extremely low chance (probably around .05%) of dropping off basically any enemy in the game 30 - 90. Due to this, farming a specific location for this gem is impossible.

           If you play more than one character or for some reason think you'll need to raise Jewelcrafting in the future from 1 - 300 keep Uncut Combine Stars in mind. Or, do yourself an even larger favor and glance over my 1 - 300 Prophecy of Ro JC guide for a list of all the cheapest recipes you can do 1 - 300. All of the recipes mentioned on that page we're going to need to complete anyway to reach 350.


Fletching Uncut Combine Star Recipe (1 Recipe)

Recurve Bow Inlay


Jewelcrafting Uncut Combine Star Recipes (1 Recipe)

Trilion Cut Combine Star














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