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Raw Shimmering Nihilite Tradeskill Recipes for 300 - 350

Raw Shimmering Nihilite

           Raw Shimmering Nihilites are another of the very rare gems that drop from many different enemies between the levels of 50 - 90. There are four different types of Nihilite that drop, Shimmering, Crimson, Indigo and Amber all of which have recipes required for you to reach 350.

           These gems are very commonly sold in The Bazaar, even on the lowest population of servers, for usually under a hundred plat each. Worse case scenario you pay a couple hundred plat per gem but the upside is it saves you from farming them. If you can't find any for sale and you don't feel like waiting, I strongly recommend you farm Planes of Power zones for these gems. In my personal experience they have the best chance of dropping here.


Jewelcrafting Raw Shimmering Nihilite Recipes (6 Recipes)

Electrum Shimmering Earring

Gold Shimmering Earring

Platinum Shimmering Pendant (non-enchanted)

Silver Shimmering Ring

Trilion Cut Shimmering Nihilite

Velium Shimmering Pendant






















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