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Energized Gemstone Tradeskill Recipes 300 - 350

Energized Gemstone

           Energized Gemstones are a Rain of Fear only Tradeskill Item that is used in 10 different Jewelcrafting Recipes. It's not uncommon to find these in The Bazaar for quite cheap since they don't have much actual use expect learning recipes.

           Those of you who decide to try and farm this item, there's really no better place than the Naeya in southern Shard's Landing. There's a ton of these guys, a lot of them are relatively weak and they drop Planar Goo (another RoF Tradeskill material), Animal Fearbone, Tainted Feather as well as about 5 different type of Cultural Pelts. They're a Tradeskillers gold mine basically.

Planar Energy Shard Farming Location



Jewelcrafting Energized Gemstone Recipes (10 Recipes)

Fear Jewel of Endurance

Fear Jewel of Life

Fear Jewel of Mana

Half-Moon Energized Gemstone

Marquise Cut Energized Gemstone

Oval Cut Energized Gemstone

Pear Cut Energized Gemstone

Round Cut Energized Gemstone

Square Cut Energized Gemstone

Trilion Cut Energized Gemstone












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