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Alaris Gemstone Recipes for JC 300 - 350

Alaris Gemstone

           Alaris Gemstones are another item that you can easily purchase from The Bazaar to save some time farming Tradeskill Materials. The Gemstone has a small chance of dropping off almost any humanoid enemy in the Veil of Alaris expansion pack. These enemies are between the levels of 90 - 95 and shouldn't pose much of a threat to players 105 - 110 in group gear.

           There aren't many recipes which require Alaris Gemstones so you shouldn't need to buy too many of them. Below is a list of every JC recipe that uses an Alaris Gemstone which you'll need to make to raise your skills from 300 - 350.


Jewelcrafting Alaris Gemstone Recipes (7 Recipes)

Half-Moon Alaris Gemstone

Marquise Cut Alaris Gemstone

Oval Cut Alaris Gemstone

Pear Cut Alaris Gemstone

Round Cut Alaris Gemstone

Square Cut Alaris Gemstone

Trilion Cut Alaris Gemstone


Tinkering Alaris Gemstone Recipe (1 Recipe)

Potion Maker Kit
























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