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Tattered Animal Pelt Tradeskill Recipes 300 - 350

Tattered Animal Pelt

Tattered Animal Pelts are one of the lowest level Cultural Pelts that were added into the game during the Dragons of Norrath expansion pack. Cultural Tradeskill materials usually have a low chance (about 5 - 10%) of dropping off enemies that are within their level bracket; for Tattered Animal Pelts that means enemies between the levels of 10 - 25.

Anyone looking to farm Tattered Animal Pelts will have the best luck doing so in some of the lower level dungeons like Crushbone, Unrest and Paludal Caverns. There's a few more other locations you can farm for these pelts too, really anywhere with a bunch of lower level humanoid or animal enemies.


Tailoring Tattered Animal Pelt Recipes (2 Recipes)

Backpack Leather

Stripped Pelt






























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