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Exotic Animal Pelts for Tradeskill Recipes 300 - 350

Exotic Animal Pelt

Exotic Animal Pelts are one of the higher level Cultural Pelts added into the game during the Veil of Alaris expansion pack. The Cultural Tradeskill materials usually have a low chance (about 5 - 10%) of dropping off various enemies within their level bracket; for Exotic Animal Pelts that means enemies between the levels 90 - 100.

Those of you looking to farm up Exotic Animal Pelts will do so most easily in VoA zones like Argath, Valley of Lunanyn and Resplendent Temple. If you're higher level and/or want a bigger challenge then I recommend zones like Shard's Landing (prob best spot), Chelsith Reborn and Grelleth's Palace.


Tailoring Exotic Animal Pelt Recipes (10 Recipes)

Exotic Hilt Wrap

Fine Fur Cloaks

Glorious Infused Lined Sap Gloves

Glorious Infused Studded Cudgel

Glorious Infused Studded Leather Whip

Glorious Uninfused Lined Sap Gloves

Glorious Uninfused Studded Cudgel

Glorious Uninfused Studded Leather Whip

Stripped Pelt

Tooled Leather Purse
















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